Huobi review

Huobi was established in the year 2013 and has over 5 million active users. It has a trading volume between 2-5 billion per day. Huobi is the safest and secure exchange globally. It is operated in more than 180 countries.

Please note that fees may vary based on your country or purchase amount. 

  • Secure and safe to use

  • Got more than 5 million active users

  • Holds over 420,000 users Bitcoins

  • Buy Bitcoin via debit/credit card

  • Operated in more than 130 countries

  • Huobi OTC

  • 8% fee to purchase Bitcoin by a debit card

  • High trading fee in between 0.4 - 0,03%

  • Purchase of Crypto via bank wire not available

  • No Staking bonuses

Is Huobi a trusted exchange to use?

Huobi has been trading since 2013 and has a 2 5 Billion trading volume per day. Huobi is definitely one of the most trusted exchange to buy bitcoin. 

Huobi compared with other exchanges

Compare Huobi with other good crypto exchanges where to buy Bitcoin safely, trusted, and with the good price. 

  • It has over 2.2 million daily users.

  • 100-300 million daily trading volume.

  • Trading Fees of 0.42 to 1%.

  • OTC Kraken

  • Support 30+ cryptocurrencies

  • Operating in over 180+ countries.

  • Over 12 million daily users.

  • 10-12 billion daily trading volume.

  • Trading fees of 0.1 to 0.2%.
    OTC Binance

  • Support 190+ cryptocurrencies.

  • Operating in over 180+ countries.

  • Over 1 million daily users.

  • 500 million daily trading volume.

  • Trading fees up-to 2%.

  • Support 20+ cryptocurrencies.

  • Operating in over 100+ countries.


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